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Sex Position: Man-On-Top (Missionary Position)

Probably this is most common and most frequently used sex position. Although this position lacks originality, it allows to maintain fast motions and high intensity of friction movements. This position is called “male position” because it is controlled entirely by a male. Female movements are limited.

Great advantage of this postion is male ability to combine friction movements with kissing his partner lips, neck, ears, breast. Also it allows both partners to look at each other during intersourse.

Most women in man-on-top postion love when their partner fold closer to their breast, so a male with massive body should control his weight by means of support on his hands to not do harm to his partner. In order to provide deeper penetration woman may tighten with her legs man’s waist or raise them up bent above his waist. In order to compensate big difference in height of both partners, put a pillow under women’s back.

The only disadvantage of this sex position is that male arms are occupied with supporting his body and female G-spot is not stimulated until male not changes angle of slope between his rump and penis. How this problem may be solved? Place a pillow under the woman’s buttocks and this will lift her pelvis which grants deeper penetration.

She may also place her legs on male shoulders or arms and this would allow deeper penetration as well. Man should lift woman’s legs up to penetrate deeper. This is especially effective when female has large vagina and male has relatively small penis.

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