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How to behave in the first night? Сontinuance.

How do you make her stay with you?


Make a present to her. Not necessarily something precious. Don’t matter what exactly. For example, a shirt-button. Actually, this is an ancient symbol of redemption action, when a man gave his woman material guarantee of their relationship reliability by throwing lion’s skin or conquered lands at her feet. Some time before you was just an acquainted and now you have become a man who presented a button… So, take it easy, just remember – a woman accepts the action of presenting as a silent but a tattletale invitation to further relationship.

P.S. Don’t give her money! She can understand you incorrectly.

“The most stupid present I ever got from a man was a fish model dressed in a red hat singing a Christmas song. When I saw it I foolishly said “Wow! Cool!” and my boyfriend unhooked this nasty thing from the wall and gave it to me with the words “It’s yours, my dear!”. Anyway it was nicely. Stupidly, but nicely.” Alice, 22 years.

Speak in the future tense

“Some day I’ll show you…”, “Hope, in September we’ll go together…”, “When I’ll put you in touch with him, you will feel screamingly funny!”. Don’t be afraid to frighten your girlfriend with those inklings about future. If she likes you, those words will make her happy, and if she likes you not, it will make no difference to her.

“Sometimes such self-confidence is so annoying and I think “don’t take all decisions instead of me”. We’ll have to see whether this “soon” will ever be. In general it’s good when you know what relations the man offers you to be prepared morally.” Ann, 29 years.

More boring classics

According to women surveys, the most intimate way of sex is a traditional pose (and not “69” as you thought before). Women think that such sex position helps them to feel their partner (although in this position is impossible to see anything). And if you in the very first night prefer classics to other sex positions it will show your girl that you are interested more in her personality than in her body (although you mix both those notions).

Make her something delicious

They call us primitive animals and instead they are not better. Box of chocolate here, bunch of grapes there, bottle with something good in the fridge, if you don’t have caviar then a hot-dog is still ok… Women are great gourmands – quality and variety of food tastes make them happier than the quantity of them, and place where this food is found remains in her memory as a very pleasant one.

“Oh, yes! If there is much delicious food it’s so nice! I had a long relationship with a man much older than I am and this man I liked not very much, but I often was coming at his place where I always felt myself comfortable, his fridge was always filled up with different delicious delicacies. Also on the table there was always a vase with big wonderful honey dates – I was fond of them!”. Marry, 25 years.

Clean biological dirt

If sex is at your place, remember that women are quite tolerant to the dirt in man’s house. They even find touching dust on the boxes, beer cans under the radiator and dusty lumps under the bed – all those evident signs of your fading without a woman. But they have a negative attitude towards different kinds of inappropriate organics. Bedsheets with their evidently rich biography, toilet that can bring to ecstasy any geologist, hard-working family of cockroaches settled in a last-week pizza – all those little things can cross out even the fact that you had just now a wonderful sex.

“Nick has not just big cockroaches but gigantic, American ones. He said they come from the shop from below – in that shop are delivered fruits from tropics and those cockroaches come along with them. All the time it seemed to me that when I lie with Nick the cockroach in the darkness wants to creep in my vagina. Oh, what sex can be in such atmosphere?” Kate, 32 years.

Do not fall asleep earlier than your girlfriend especially at your place

Often woman after first sex with a new partner is in a hyperwakefulness and physically she can’t fall asleep. And if you deceitfully sniff in futon at this time, sooner she will realize she is in an unknown place in the darkness where she has nothing to do other than to count decibels of your snore. This is a very stupid situation for a woman and not everyone will immediately forgive you this testing.

“I remember how in my youth I spent many nights in such a way. I felt so broken and used. Streets are dark, you don’t know where to go, you don’t know the address, and you can’t call for a taxi. Now the situation has changed. I can say “So, first you call for a taxi for me and till then you even don’t try to sleep!” With the increase of years you become more egoistic and cynical.” Helen, 36 years.

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